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Halter Neck Maxi Dress

Halter Neck Maxi Dress

In the words of Bob Marley “The sun is shining and the weather is sweet.” This blog includes some of my favourite summer fashions from dresses to shorts, wellies to sandals, all things colourful, bright and beautiful.

Starting off with the maxi dress, everyone women’s must have item. What I love most about maxi dresses is there availability to all, no matter what size or shape you are everyone can look great in a maxi dress and they also serve multiple purposes. Whether you need a lightweight dress for walks on the beach or something more glamorous for a party maxi dresses are the ideal item for all.

Choosing maxi dresses can be quiet difficult, because of their popularity there is now hundreds of different styles and fits to choose from. Look at my top 10 maxi dresses to find one right for you.

New to this summer are crop tops, thanks to Topshop we have all got back on the crunches and sit-ups to get the ultimate flat stomach. Still need convincing that showing off your midriff is sexy well ladies crop tops are a massive hit amongst the celebs this year and perfect for the festival season. Mischa Barton was snapped in this belly- baring edgy look with black smokey eyes and studded heels.

Again due to the popularity in the return of the crop top there are now so many different styles to choose from. You can also layer the top and team with a plain vest top underneath or boob tube. Here are some of my favourite styles from high street brands Topshop, New Look, My1stWish and Miss Selfridge.

Ladies Crop Tops

Ladies Crop Tops

Printed Playsuits from Asos and My1stWish

Printed Playsuits from Asos and My1stWish

Another summer favourite is the all-in-one, whether its festival fashion or urban style office wear, high street playsuits are appearing in all trends and look books for the summer. Paired with wedges or pumps they give the ultimate cute look to any outfit. This staple piece must find its way into every girls wardrobe, I surfed the online shopping world for some best buys!

Outfits sorted another major department in fashion is hair care, when summer strikes new hair styles come out in their masses. A massive hit this summer are two key looks ‘the braid’ constantly being sported by Cheryl Cole on her casual days and ‘the beach wave’.

Cheryl Cole and Kate Hudson

Cheryl Cole and Kate Hudson

Whether it’s the French braid or two simple side braids this look is perfect for summer as it keeps the hair off your face, this style is style is simple yet extremely feminine! All the celebs have gone crazy for the casual summer braid and with so many different ways to braid your hair the looks are endless!

Let your Aussie side out and give yourself a complete beach makeover, the beach waves hairstyle is one that will never go out of fashion, It’s sexy and pretty and so easy to achieve, simply apply gel to the hair and loosely French braid or plait for the day (or overnight) and then let it down in the evening. If your hair is naturally wavy simply apply moose to the hair when wet and leave to dry naturally. No-one does this hairstyle better than Kate Hudson.

Hareem Pants

Hareem Pants

This style of trousers is a massive hit in Spain and Portugal, Britain is going crazy for harem pants! Statement prints are still having their moment and now they’ve made their way into harem territory, these super sexy ladies trousers are bright, bold and beautiful finished with jewel detailing and embellished sequins.

Coming straight from the late 1980’s these classic ‘Hammer Pants’ are a must have for the summer, they are lightweight and easy wearing with elasticated waistbands and tucked in ankle hems. My1stwish has a complete range of new styles in these fabulous genie trousers.


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